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Main statements

  1. By using ProxyHub site you confirm that you agree to the terms of service below;
  2. All our proxies are public and can be found in the Internet;
  3. Site customer uses them on his own risk and his own responsibility.

Terms of use

Our service provides a list of checked proxies for personal use only, thus:

  1. It's not permitted to use one code by more then one user;
  2. It's not permitted to share any proxies or site access code to third party;
  3. It's not permitted to sell any proxies or site access code as well.

Site administration rights

Site administration may ban an access code or particular user without any warning if they have any proof or suspicion that user violate any of site rules.

Site administration responsibilities

Site administration has no responsibility for any possible use of the provided proxies as they may be freely found in the Internet.

Site administration doesn't guarantee that all provided proxies will be working as a time of full list checking is 10-15 minutes on average with 10 sec timeout.

Site administration doesn't guarantee that provided proxies do not have logs.

Site users responsibilities

Site users oblige to use proxies in personal purpose only taking all responsibilities upon themselves.

Money back

Money back is performing only in case when more then 40% of provided proxies are not working.

We know that now you're in

Nьrnberg, Germany
Everyone on the internet knows that!
How protect yourself?
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