Proxy chaining for HTTP proxies

For create proxy chaining you need use special software and proxy with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support.

To get HTTP proxy with SSL tunneling support you can use program Proxy Checker. Just set "Connect to" field in "Options" to any https:// address and test proxies.

Proxy chaining for SOCKS proxies

For create proxy chaining you need use special software that can use SOCKS proxies.

Software to create proxy chain
for HTTP or SOCKS proxy

For example you can use program SocksChain. This program can use SOCKS (version 4 or 5) or HTTP (with SSL support) proxies to create virtual channel through proxies chain. Read SocksChain FAQ for information how to use program to create proxy chaining.
Read here about this and other software to work with proxy.

Proxy chaining for CGI proxies (anonymizers)

It's very easy. Just go to the first anonymizer's page and type URL of second anonymizer in the "URL" field. After this click "Go" or similar button.
This way you can create proxy chaining any length! And you can set up your browser to use HTTP proxy (for example, corporate proxy) with CGI proxies!

You can create these chains of misc proxy types:

Like this:

HTTPS proxy >> CGI proxy >> CGI proxy ...
SOCKS proxy >> HTTPS proxy >> CGI proxy
HTTPS proxy >> SOCKS proxy >> CGI proxy

You CAN NOT create these chains:

CGI proxy >> HTTP proxy
CGI proxy >> SOCKS proxy


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