Why do we need it ?

There are many reasons why you may need the tunneling of SOCKS requests through HTTP protochol. The most of them are:

The essence of tunneling

Earlier HTTP proxy was passed only by web pages and pictures, and it was possible to download files over them. SOCKS proxy (in difference from http proxy) works not only with http, but also with any TCP/IP protocol. And here are extra ways of data exchange presented in new specifications of HTTP protochol. For example new method called CONNECT which can pass not only web pages and files through http proxy , but also any type of data. New proxy which support this specification of HTTP protochol are called HTTPS proxy ( CONNECT proxy).

They practically does not yield SOCKS proxy servers in their features (they can be formed up in chain in difference from usual http proxy). And the idea to make them interconnected was presented: if earlier only SOCKS proxy could emulate http proxy , then now the opposite situation is possible: SOCKS emulation by means of http (tunneling SOCKS requests through http proxy).

The adwantages of tunneling

  1. SOCKS proxy unnecessary (or practically unnecessary);
  2. you can emulate SOCKS proxy using http proxy if it is missing for some reason.

The disadwantages of tunneling

  1. You can't increase the anonymity: if proxy is transparent, web-server will see your real IP adresss even if you use proxy chaining.
  2. Not all http proxies support this method of work - they should correspond to specifications of HTTP 1.1 (to support the CONNECT method) for this.

The software necessary

You can't tunnel SOCKS request through HTTP proxy by using standard ways (programs). You should use special programs that allow SOCKS requests tunneling

You can execute SOCKS - requests tunneling through HTTP proxy using different programs. First of all it is Socks2HTTP. Also, you can execute this tunneling using such programs as HTTP-Tunnel , HTTPort , SocksChain , Socks Connector. Details about these programs you can find here.

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