This type of proxy servers is called differently: CGI proxy, anonymizer (as the name of the most popular proxy server of this type is http://www.anonymizer.com/), web proxy etc.

Proxy server of this type represents (from users point of view) a usual web-page, very similar to pages of search engines. But instead of search phrases you should type into an input field the URL of that site which you want to look at. Then, having pressed the Submit button or Go, you will get onto page, which URL you have specified to a CGI proxy. But address of this page (in the address line) from the point of view of your computer will be another, something like this:


for example:


Using such proxy servers, you can anonymously surf all over the Internet, without changing settings of your browser and without using any additional programs.

CGI proxy supports HTTP and (sometimes) FTP and HTTPS protocols.

Anonymity of CGI Proxy

As for anonymity, CGI proxies are the same, as the HTTP proxies:

  1. Transparent - these proxies are not anonymous. They, first, let a web server know that there is used a proxy server and, secondly, give away an IP-address of a client. The task of such proxies, as a rule, is information caching and/or support of Internet access for several computers via single connection.
  2. Anonymous - these proxy servers let a remote computer (web-server) know, that there is used a proxy, however, they do not pass an IP-address of a client.
  3. Distorting - unlike the previous type, they transfer an IP-address to a remote web-server, however, this address is a phantom: randomly generated by a proxy server or any fixed (not your) IP. So, these proxies distort your IP address from the point of view of a web-server.
  4. High anonymous (elite) they do not send your IP-address to a remote computer. Also, they do not inform that there is used any proxy server! So, a web-server thinks that it works directly with a client.

This anonymity classification is rather conventional. There are many other classifications, specifying / expanding / generalizing this one.

How to use a free web anonymizer?

For use of a CGI proxy you do not need to change your browser settings, to install additional programs or to make something else more complex. It is enough, if one opens a web page of CGI proxy in a browser, enters a required URL into the address field and press the Go button.

The disadvantages in usage of the CGI proxies are presence of additional advertising (which adds a CGI proxy itself, they simply exist at the expense of such advertising), a limited FTP / HTTPS support (not always supported) and sometimes a CGI proxy do not allow to view pictures.

Some CGI proxy could be installed as a proxy in a browser, but it is rather an exception than a rule.

CGI Proxy Chaining

Creating a chain from free web anonymizers (CGI proxy) is a very simple thing. It would be enough in one CGI proxy to type an address (URL) of another CGI proxy and to press "Go". The same way it is possible to use 3d, 4th, 5th... proxy-servers. In last proxy of a chain just type URL of a required site and browse a site you need. That is all!

This way you can organize into a chain any number of CGI proxies.

Connection of various types proxies into a chain

CGI proxies could be combined with other types of proxy servers (HTTP, SOCKS). However, they should be the last ones in this chain:

You can organize them this way:

SOCKS proxy >>>> HTTP proxy >>>> CGI proxy

HTTP proxy >>>> CGI proxy

SOCKS proxy >>>> CGI proxy

And you can not do so:

CGI proxy >>>> SOCKS proxy

SOCKS proxy >>>> CGI proxy >>>> HTTP proxy

CGI proxy >>>> HTTP proxy

What should you do, if there is already a corporate proxy server?

There is no problem. If you have an Internet access (you can view web pages), you can use a CGI proxy. You also can unite several HTTP / SOCKS proxies into a chain and at the end of this chain to use a CGI proxy. Also, you can at the end of this chain create one more chain - from CGI proxies!

How to check mail in mail programs (such as Outlook) via CGI proxy?

Alas, with standard way this could be hardly done.

What additional abilities does a CGI proxy have?

Unlike other types of proxy servers CGI proxies have considerably wider abilities as for information filtering. They can:

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