How to set up HTTPort for use with e-mail client (Outlook, Messenger, Pegasus, The BAT!, etc.)?

For this you need set up HTTPort for use with e-mail client (Outlook, Messenger, Pegasus, The BAT!, etc.). You should have an account on an external mail server, which provides POP3/SMTP services.

Ex: I use account on I will explain the setup with Yahoo account. Yahoo provides POP3/SMTP services by means of two servers: and respectively.

Create two HTTPort mappings. These should mirror local ports 9110 and 9025 (or any other ports you like), to remote ports and Set up your mail client to use server as a POP3 server, and as an SMTP server. This should work.

How to set up HTTPort for use with web browser to surf anonymously?

You need to point your browser to as a proxy.

HTTPort goes with the predefined mapping "External HTTP proxy" of local port 3128 to nothing. Yes, that's correct. TO NOTHING. This is a sample only mapping, you may see this by examining it's remote server address. You must edit this mapping before you can use it.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Find the working proxy list;
  2. Pick one proxy from the list;
  3. Edit the "Public external HTTP proxy" mapping in HTTPort and set it's remote host and port to the host and port of the proxy you've picked.
    Now, having your browser set up to, you are surfing through that external proxy.

How to set up HTTPort for use with IRC?

First, choose one IRC server from your IRC client's list. Let it be "". Create a new HTTPort mapping, set "Local port" to "6667", "Remote server" to "" and "Remote port" to "6667". Now run your IRC client and add a new server to the list with host of and port of 6667.
As an alternative solution, you may set up your IRC client to use SOCKS4 server at if it allows that.

Where I can get HttPort?

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