Sometimes you need to get all available proxies from various sources and check by proxy checkers if they work. Unfortunately proxy lists in the Internet has different formats - "server:port", "server port" and many others. Besides proxy lists in Internet have some additional (unnecessary) information. Proxy checkers can use only "server:port" format.


Use Proxy List Filter! This program convert proxy lists of different formats to standard form. Just save web-page to disk and convert this file by Proxy List Filter. After this action you can check this proxylist by any Proxy Checker!

Proxy List Filter is an universal converter of different proxies lists to standard format

Detailed description

This program means for conversion lists of proxy-servers to the standard form and can filters this list. Program don't check proxies, it just prepare list for proxy checkers. (This is add-on for proxy-checkers) In result, programs make destination file, inclusive such strings as:


Proxy list filter can extract proxy servers from DIFFERENT files. Source file may contain proxy-servers, and some other information, for example comments.

Result of working Proxy List Filter is a proxies list like this:




Additional features of Proxy List Filter

  1. work with TXT and HTML files (including tables);
  2. understand different proxy list formats (using colon, space, tab, etc.);
  3. can work with proxylist any sizes;
  4. can sort and filter proxies lists by your criteria;
  5. you can set output format proxylist.

Advantages full version of Proxy List Filter

Full version can:

  1. Work with file any sizes (demo version can convert up to 30 proxy form proxylist);
  2. Sort and remove duplicates;

Download or buy

You can download Proxy List Filter here. If you wish to buy click here.

Proxy List Filter - main window

Proxy List Filter - Options window